Christopher Cook, President
Chris is highly experienced in original design, engineering, prototyping, manufacturing, racecar and high performance streetcar design & construction, aviation, aerospace, and machinist trades. He is a highly skilled Machinist, Tool and Die Maker, and an FAA-licensed Airframe and Powerplant mechanic with Inspection Authorization. Chris is an innovative problem solver with keen attention to detail and quality. Original design and R&D includes robotic wheelchair lift systems for MANN, GM, and Gillig buses, and fully automated bus wash systems for TRANSCO, and Atlantic Research. Other original design and R&D includes Turbo Systems and controls, supplementary water/alcohol, and electronic fuel injection, chassis and suspension system design and construction, as Engineer and Crew Chief for IPD. For 40 Mile Air as lead mechanic he designed and implemented numerous FAA approved “Alaskan” alterations and repairs for Piper, Cessna, and deHavilland Aircraft. He has extensive experience with aerospace manufacturing, machining, and quality control from Boeing, diverse in-depth job shop machinist and fabrication experience with Albina Engine & Machine Works, and Kunik Machine Works, Power Generation Operation & Maintenance Quality Control for NORAD (RCA contract), and prototype testing (CAT V-16 C175) with AP&T. His Championship SCCA and IMSA racing experience was with IPD, where he served as Chief Engineer and Crew Chief. Chris’s extensive exposure to the design weaknesses and inefficiency inherent in conventional piston engine technology fueled the invention of Efficient –V.

Scott Cook, CEO
Scott has over twenty years of profitable and practical computer experience in the information technology and engineering professions. His most recent focus has been providing a combination of operational start-up, technical, and management assistance for a Computer Consulting and ISP firm. The ISP business has seven employees, operates profitably, and continues to grow. Scott has Business Management experience in Operations, Marketing, Finance, and Information Technology, and technical experience in Computer Modeling, Networking, and Web technologies.

Board of Advisors
Efficient-V has various industry contacts that serve as informal advisors on matters relating to Intellectual Property, Finance, Strategy, and Fundraising. We have retained top legal counsel for IP and corporate matters.