Technology Overview

EFFICIENT-V is a mechanical breakthrough in the core mechanism that comprises the heart of piston engines, pumps and compressors, US Patent 8,375,919. It is the application of Advanced Planetary Geometry replacing the inefficient, wear-inducing Piston-Rod-Crank Mechanism that is common to all  production piston engines, pumps and compressors. Most current efforts at improvement of piston engine efficiency have targeted refinement of the ancillary components such as Turbocharging, Electronic Fuel Injection, Variable Valve Timing and Hybrid Power Systems that do not address the large inefficiencies present in the conventional piston engine core mechanism that translates reciprocation to rotation.


  • Reduced friction – the majority of friction losses  in a conventional piston engine is geometry induced friction between the pistons and cylinders. Toyota assigned Patent 7,213,563  intended to resolve engine friction states “friction between the piston and the cylinder comprises at least half of the total friction in a piston engine”. Efficient-V provides a clearly superior solution that minimizes friction and maximizes the efficient conversion of combustion energy to work in piston engines. Piston-to-cylinder friction is minimal, and further reduced by a pressure lubricated piston and piston journal directly connecting the planetary crankshaft. Conventional main bearings, wrist pins, and the high friction induced between the pistons and cylinder walls in conventional piston engines is eliminated.
  • Mechanical advantage – Advanced Planetary Geometry provides smooth straight-line piston reciprocation that is harmoniously and efficiently translated to mechanical rotary force – Torque.
  • Improved piston dynamics – piston acceleration and deceleration rates are dramatically reduced providing increased “dwell-time” for extraction of maximum combustion energy with reduced stress and friction. Fuel efficiency potential is maximized and emissions minimized. (click for graph)
  • Durability – Robust, low stress design – dramatically extends piston, ring and cylinder life, minimizing “blow-by” and maximizing efficient service life. Piston “rock” induced wear (see picture here) is essentially eliminated by the Straight-Line Reciprocation Geometry and the stable elongated piston and cylinder bore journaling which also provides optimal dynamic support for the planetary crankshaft. (click for illustrated explanation)
  • Compact and light – Cylinder “deck height” is reduced by elimination of connecting rods. (click for example)
  • Optimizes hybrid applications – Patented integration of motor/generator/starter in power takeoff for maximum efficiency and compact packaging.
  • Manufacturer advantages – Reduced major component size facilitates automated manufacture at similar cost. Compact V configuration facilitates simple integration of existing ancillary technologies – cylinder heads, induction, exhaust, etc.. Simple component assembly. Compact engine assembly reduces engine compartment size requirements.

EFFICIENT-V presents opportunities to reduce energy consumption and  greenhouse gases in a multitude of applications:

    • Transportation – fuel consumption of spark ignition and diesel piston engines in Advanced Hybrids, cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATV’s.
    • Buildings – electricity consumption of piston-type compressors used for cooling, refrigeration and air systems.
    • Portable Power – spark ignition and diesel piston engines used to power generators, pumps, compressors, etc..